Technical Terms for Recruitment Beginners – The Ultimate Guide

Technology is changing fast.

You need to stay on top of all the different types of technical roles, technical terms, and programming languages.

How do you do that?

Here’s the answer:

Start with a strong foundation for understanding the basics of technology and this will help you become a skilled technical recruiter.

Just Imagine.

You want to find a JavaScript Developer.

What will you do?

Let me guess. You will go to dice or monster or any job boards and type “JavaScript Developer”. Now you have thousands of results in front of you.

You will then refine your search based on the location, experience, etc. Still, you have hundreds of results in front of you.

Questions will start to pop up in your mind – Who is my ideal candidate? What are the basic skills should I look for in a Javascript developer?

This is where the technical terms glossary comes handy for IT Recruiters.

But, how to find this technology glossary?

It’s simple – you can do a Google search. Use this easy to use google search guide.

For example:

Let’s go to google. Type “technology glossary for recruiters” or “technical terms for recruiters” in the search box.

Now google brings hundreds of results like this (below):

technology glossary for recruiters

technical terms for recruiters

Is this result relevant to our search?

Maybe Yes. But not all the results.

Now let’s click the next page in google and will try to check if we can find more results.

By this time, we will have ten to fifteen tech glossary lists.

Now we remain doubtful to select the best one from the tech glossary lists we have in front of us.

No worries. I’ve done the heavy lifting for you compiling the best technical term glossaries from the web.

I’m going to share the complete technology glossary lists that you can use on day-to-day in your recruiting.

You can save this list in your desktop folder or take a print copy and have them on your table for reference.


  • Whenever you want to refer a technical term you now have them ready in front of you.
  • Referring the tech terms will help improve your knowledge to the next level.
  • You will be able to screen the candidates asking the right technical questions.
  •  You will start qualifying the job orders with more clarity on what to look for in your search.


Thus, you become confident and end up with amazing results hiring the best candidates.

Sounds good?

Let’s get started.

Who is this technical terms glossary for?

Recruitment for beginners, recruiters, sourcers, or anyone who wants to know about the technical terms.

These technology glossary guides have nuggets of information that you can apply to your current recruiting.

Here’s what you’ll learn from this technical terms glossary:

  • You will be able to understand the technical terms.
  • Increase your technical knowledge.
  • Improve your communication with candidates and clients asking them the right questions.
  • Save your time rather relying on google searching for the tech terms.

Below is the combined list of technical glossaries for you:

1. The technical role cheat sheet from Dice – You can use this to qualify candidates for specific positions.

2. Talentbin by monster created a technical recruiting cheat sheet. You can use this for quick reference on what framework goes with what Language.

3. Stackoverflow’s chart which illustrates some of the popular technology ecosystems. You can use this to become familiar with tech jargons.

4. Gild has a technology glossary for recruiters explaining Which tech roles require Which skills.

technology glossary for recruiters 1

technology glossary for recruiters 2

5. Andrew Stetsenko at relocateme has compiled part one, part two glossary for tech recruiters.

Part One:

Find the part one here.

Part Two:

Find the part two here.


When you have the knowledge of the technologies, your confidence level increases. You will build a trust with your client’s and candidates without any ease.

I’ve shared with you the tech glossaries that can save your time, but I might have missed some good ones.

If there are any other good glossary that you use, please shared them in a comment below with me.

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